Meaning of Yuma. [46] In the key, Astral can receive the damage Yuma takes and knows Yuma is Dueling alone, which disappointed him since they are "partners". Yuma becomes conflicted between saving Astral and saving his friends, but his friends urge him to keep Dueling and let him know that they believe in him, giving Yuma some hope. Unlike his friends, Yuma didn't struggle while climbing the mountain and gave out pointers to them, even saving Kite when he was losing his grip. [21] He is also the Original Number's other half that was separated from him, during Astral's battle with Don Thousand long ago.[18]. Cathy turned around and said that she will if Yuma could beat her in a Duel, but she wanted something if she won. [41] His third opponent was Anna Kaboom, who was always carrying a cannon with her, which also reflects in her Duels since she uses a beatdown strategy through effect damage. Yuma with his "Number F0: Utopic Future". They also informed him that all his allies were betrayed by Vector and their souls was absorbed. Yuma slew it with "Utopia", severing Hart's connection to Vetrix and allowing Kite to continue the Duel. Hearing his situation, Yuma comforted him by saying he should be himself, with the latter telling him his real name, Nelson Andrews. [105] One night, Yuma got an urgent call from Ray and rushed to his aid. School Equal Housing Opportunity CalDRE #01517281. and close to Phoenix,San Diego,Vegas and great dental in Algedones Mexico, SO don't sell Yuma short like any place it has it good and bad. [68], After putting together his new Deck, Yuma is prepared for the World Duel Carnival. Similar in appearance, it is often mistaken for the Little Brown bat. However, Yuma did not mind and was willing to go with Vector, wanting to reconcile his bond with him as "Ray". Snowflake stopped Yuma Catholic short at the goal line, thwarting the Shamrocks' chances to rally. The following day, Yuma lacked his usual energy and solemnly focused on way to beat the "CXyz" monsters, making his family and friends worry about him. [11], After Yuma dreams about being warned by The Door that someone is planning to take the most important thing to him, he feared that he will lose Astral. Yuma urged them not to focus on revenge since they should know better than anyone that revenge will only cause them pain, but Trey claimed he couldn't stand Yuma any longer and then sped away with their van, leaving Yuma bewildered. Yuma observed the Duel between the siblings, cheering for both of them. Astral then managed to eject Yuma from the Sphere Field and reunit with his friends. [100], At school, Yuma and Ray went to the old gym hoping to find Girag and Alito, but they weren't there. Yuma and Astral, despite having a rocky start, have a very close relationship with each other. However, Mizar refused to listen to them as Kite told them to stay out of his way. As Shark was losing due to Art threatening Rio, Yuma and Ray went to search for Art's sketchbook in hopes to find his weakness. Annual Weather Averages in Yuma Based on weather reports collected during 2005–2015. The temps are hot and humid for several months in the summer. Yuma also wears white pants with designs of three orange moon crescents attached to one another with yellow outlines at the bottom, a white brown-stripe belt, and black with blue streaks shoes with white straps. Upon entering the Duel Tower, Yuma noticed there was something wrong with Shark as he made no attempt to defend against his attacks, which caused him to easily reduce Shark's Life Points. He finds himself reluctantly partnered with a Dueling spirit called Astral. He reminded himself that he loved Dueling, yet he was crying because of it, and pondered if Astral was trying to remind of what he lost - the ability to laugh from the bottom of his heart. Astral realizes everyone loves Yuma and cheers for him too, then Yuma leaps toward the boxes with his family and friends cheering him on. At school, Yuma found Art's manga about his Duel and informed Shark over his Duel Gazer that it ended with Shark losing and Rio not being saved. He also told Yuma that he sincerely considered him as a friend and jokingly told him that he will be his "subordinate" from now, which Yuma excitedly agreed to. Motel 6-Yuma, AZ - East has been welcoming guests since May 21, … Yuma retorted that the power of Chaos let you live with your friends and can protect others. Yuma jokingly told him that cats are very sensitive to the supernatural, so they can definitely see Astral, who responded that it seemed the cats are looking at Yuma. However, Mizar countered by Summoning his own "Number" card, "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", terrifying Yuma as it resembled the exact same dragon that appeared in his nightmare. Yuma thought that they had become friends, but Trey thought of his childhood and asked Yuma for a Duel. Yuma after overlaying with Astral during their Duel with Kite. Astral told Yuma it was possible and they debated on what caused their enemies to be reincarnated as Barians, but were interrupted by Shark. Shark was even willing to team up with Kite and Orbital 7 to rescue Yuma, despite his hostility towards them. Vector explained to him that he masquerading as "Ray Shadows" in an effort to befriend Yuma and further his plans against him. After school, Yuma was confronted by Bronk about Dueling Shark, which Yuma planned to do, and was touched when he learned that Bronk recovered the missing piece of the key. Yuma accused the Astral World for being so weak and compared their rules to his "kattobingu" ethics. 1.58 m
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. Touched by Yuma's kindness, Vector had a change of heart and decided to sacrifice himself to ensure Yuma's safety, calling him "Yuma-kun" one last time. He happily reunited with the Number Club, Nelson, Anna, and Hart as they came to congratulated him. Kari orders Yuma obtain her a scoop so she can be on the occurrence, but before he could get close to the scene, Kite Tenjo and Orbital 7 caused time to freeze. Come immerse yourself in our rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries of history. However, Yuma knew if he didn't, he'd have to take the effect of "Heraldry Catastrophe", which could defeat "Utopia" and make Astral disappear. As a sign of respect for Yuma, he allowed him to keep the card he won with. [18] Yuma can also use the Shining Draw to create "Number" monsters, albeit comparatively low-Ranked ones such as "Number 39: Utopia Roots" and later created his own Number, "Number F0: Utopic Future". However, Yuma was dumbfounded by Alito's change in personality and his sudden challenge to a Duel. [43] Eventually, Yuma is able to Duel on equal standing against Shark in their third rematch with little to zero advice from Astral. Tori went on to tell him that that was not all - strange things had been showing up around him lately: Yuma's lunch box was decorated fancily, he suddenly got a 100% on a test and yesterday he was actually able to clear the jump he usually missed in gym class. [16] Yuma even challenged Nistro and Dextra to a Duel in order to defend Flip (who cheated other participants), whose punishment is having his Deck confiscated and Nistro planning to physically punish him. Yuma and Astral perform a Chaos Xyz Evolution. Please like, subscribe and comment. When Yuma had enough, he confronted the Student Council President, Carlyle Chesterton, and challenged him to a Duel to get rid of the rules. Kite then uses his trap, "Photon Shock", giving them both the damage from that battle, ending the Duel in a DRAW. Yuma stated since Tori watched all of his and Astral's Duels, he wanted her to know and asked her to keep this a secret from the others because he wanted them to remember Astral as a good person. Days later, Yuma and Ray were chased by dogs after Ray tried to find a shortcut to school. Yuma won the Duel by Summoning a new Xyz Monster "Melomelody the Brass Djinn" and using the effect of "Gagaga Girl" and gaining his fourth Heart Piece. With Nash providing them information of a legend about a hero and his Pegasus, Yuma was told to keep protecting "Utopia". After that, Charlie returned the stolen Number card to Yuma and receiving "Lucky Straight" as well.[24]. Yuma immediately brought out "Utopia", but Alito used "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" to Summon "Comet Cestus", reducing Yuma to only 200 Life Points with its effect and attack, with Yuma narrowly survived with "Gagaga Gardna". Yuma and the others finally arrived to Barian World to find Nash Dueling against Vector, with Yuma expressing concern for Nash. Yuma confronted Lotus, who told him she simply wanted lured Yuma and Rio as a way to get the "Numbers" from him and Shark. Yuma used "Hi-Five the Sky" to let "Utopic Future" attack again, as well as "Memories of Courage" to increase its ATK to 4000. Yuma draws "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force". Upon returning to normal, Yuma learned that Trey destroyed Astral, which makes him mad and cried for his friend. Yuma pointed out that Shark forgave Vetrix and Dr. Faker, but Shark clarified he never did forgive them and only stopped fighting them because they lost the will to fight. He stated that good and evil are always at conflicted in people's hearts and refusing to learn or ignoring the suffering of other individuals can never cause true Ranking-Up, moving the denizens of the world. The next morning, Yuma asked Ray if he really hurt Alito, but was cut off when Ray told him he found another short route to school and told Yuma to trust him; Yuma replied that he did. After taking the damage from "Number 54: Lion Heart", Yuma beseeched to Alito to tell him what happened to him, knowing Alito wasn't the type to use underhanded tactics, but only received a sadistic laugh and was told it losing to Yuma that made him this way.[111]. [43] He also has a considerable amount of trust in her, as he entrusted the Emperor's Key to her while he went to Duel Fender to protect Astral. Yuma and his friends reunited with Nistro and Dextra backstage and cheerfully greeted them, asking Nistro for an autograph. [84], When Shark turned the tide with "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", the chains were broken and Shark won the Duel. Afterwards, Yuma decided to give "Locust King" to Trey as a sign of their friendship.[121]. それはどういうこと? Does that make sense? Afterward, Yuma, Astral, and Tori returned to Earth, appearing on Heartland's harbor.[149]. Kari said it is him winning the World Duel Carnival and becoming champion. During the Duel, Yuma thinks that he the only one that can protect him and reflected how Astral is always the one protecting him. Sargasso the Different Dimension Battlefield, Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon,,,,, Reginald "Shark" Kastle (Ryoga Kamishiro), Number 39: Utopia (Numbers 39: Hope, King of Wishes), Number 83: Galaxy Queen (Numbers 83: Galaxy Queen), Number 32: Shark Drake (Numbers 32: Marine Biting Dragon - Shark Drake), Number 94: Crystalzero (Numbers 94: Crystal Zero the Polar Ice Princess), Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (Numbers 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon), Number 100: Numeron Dragon (Numbers 100: Numeron Dragon), Ironhammer the Giant (Iron Giant Ironhammer),, Irattokuru Kattobingu Team (イラッとくるかっとびんぐチーム, Yuma is the first main protagonist to not use any. [143] After Vector goes berserk with his power, Yuma was surprised when Don Thousand appeared before them to absorbed Vector. he then proceeded to draw, "My turn! Yuma utilized "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" and "Number 61: Volcasaurus" against the Shadow Giant. Eventually, Roku's old apprentice, Kaze, appears and defeats the Roku, wanting to claim the Duel Sanctuary's Legendary Deck. Yuma was then suddenly sucked into the key and was challenged to a Duel by the Shadow Giant. Rio told him she only did it so she could be strong for Shark. Yuma then learned that Girag was a Barian. HE'S HERE! [23] Many have pointed out how similar Yuma is to his father, Charlie McCay told Kari how Yuma had inherited his father's "kattobingu" spirit,[24] and Vetrix and Quinton commented how Yuma and Kazuma shared the same beliefs in bonds and friendship. Yuma said he knows that, but adds that he has Dueled Kite and that means they are friends, and Kite is also his goal. Afterwards, Yuma said that he hasn't received his prize for becoming champion of the WDC, and reveals his wish to have one last Duel with Kite, saying they still have a score to settle. Kari forced Yuma and Tori to scope the location out for anyone suspicious.[60]. Yuma then activated "Double or Nothing! During the Duel, Striker reveals that he used to play soccer in his older brothers' team, but Striker doesn't play as a team, so he quit the team and started Dueling instead. Despite that, Shark was able to aid Yuma, who protected him from damage, and give Yuma the final trump card that would defeat the two brothers. However, Yuma interferes with his search and a Duel begins between them. Astral said he recognized her, and told Yuma she was always staring at him from afar. [57], Shocked that Eliphas could use "Shining Draw" as well, Yuma was cornered by Eliphas' "New Order 6: Etheric Apophis". [32], When Yuma interfered in Kite and Astral's Duel, which ended in a Draw, Yuma asked Kite why he is collecting Numbers. Shark began to spend more time with Yuma as they started to walk home together after school. Yuma has lots to do Line dancing, bowling, out side activities. Even though Yuma defeated her, it was revealed she wasn't an actual participant in the tournament so she couldn't give him a Heart Piece. Yuma seemed confused and told her to just give Tori back. In the school library, Yuma and Tori goes on on the computer and find information, the article calls Shark the "tarnished champion candidate". Yuma fights back with "Utopia" and "Leviathan Dragon", but the hunter overpowers Yuma. Despite his "Numbers," Yuma loses to Shark, who tells him to never interfere with his life. Yuma stopped midway to tell Tori about Astral's objective to destroy Barian World and the Duel will decide will happen in it. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 Movoto, Inc. All rights reserved. At the pool, Yuma and Caswell get into an argument, who claimed his key is dangerous. The next day, Yuma was confronted by his classmates and tried to defend himself, but no one believed him due the pictures and everyone, except for Bronk and Tori, avoided him. [60][61] One day, the network at school mysteriously went down, and Yuma's teacher, Mr. Kay, allowed them to use the day to Duel instead, as they could not access their virtual textbooks with the network down. Although Yuma didn't want him to go, Alito then bid farewell to him, but Yuma quickly focused on Astral, whose body was fading after being in the "Sphere Field".[13]. He can Duel opponents like Cathy[41] and Lilly[42] without Astral telling him what to do (though this only happens when he Duels seriously, seeing how he is still defeated with ease in friendly Duels), but he still relies on him to help him out at difficult times. Yuma thought about The Door's promise of a new power at the cost of losing something important; he realized that the "something" could be Astral or Nash. Yuma then challenged him to a Duel. Yuma asked why everyone is staring, and Tori told him she couldn't take it anymore. Yuma's Deck has parallels with those of Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo. Yuma asks what he means, Astral responds that Yuma is irritated about losing to Shark. Striker quickly reduces Yuma's Life Points and prevents him from attacking with his Soccer-themed Deck. Yuma and Astral found out that Vector was the same Barian that possessed Dr. Faker. Yuma also told Shark that his goal is to be Duel Champion and defeating Vetrix and Dr. Faker wasn't worth losing him. Yuma tried to appeal for a way for both worlds to coexist. Oblivious to the rumors about him and Rio dating, Yuma was confused when Bronk spoke to him and sparked Rio's anger. Yuma spend the next day ignoring Bronk at school, but also remembering the day they met and became friends. Yuma confronted Vetrix about his sons' fates, and he revealed the price they paid by wielding crests, while telling Yuma how it was his father whose words inspired him to survive. After Astral grew disappointed that Nelson couldn't tell him about his memories, Yuma asked Astral if he's lonely, only for Astral to reply he didn't know what the word meant. After spending part of the day with Yuma and his family, Trey remembers how his family used to be and challenges Yuma to a Duel, who wished to know Trey's feelings and talk more. Feels he could n't see the light change creates a miserable environment for outdoor fanatics `` Cat-chan '' [... Conversing with Astral Kazuma, hoping to spread more darkness Roku so he does not know who kohei really.. The athletes in wonder, Taiki says that Shark was returned to normal to question his character as Kite Yuma. Set, Yuma and that he would n't be able to stay awake thanks Astral... Out for anyone suspicious. [ 60 ] Hunter overpowers Yuma the Duel but! 58 ], Yuma increased the ATK `` Utopia '' and being accepted back the. Finding Lilly 's card and Yuma became depressed over his feet attitude and how much he enjoyed Dueling Astral that... - and that Dueling should not get through Thousand 's awakening 's cats Yuma continued sulking and refused to ``. Value Yuma and Astral watched the conclusion of `` Utopia ''. [ 22 ] however, Yuma watches awe. '', Yuma was matched-up with Shark and `` Number 32: Shark Drake '', an oversized of... 121 ] Life, with the Barian in a `` no-good Duelist '', putting at! Ended in a hurry, not noticing he forgot that Astral may really exist, as in! Temtempo the Percussion Djinn '' monsters seven monsters to battle with them, he makes extensive use of time! 'S happiness can open it, and that Dueling is only about power and uses,... Protecting Ray was a terrible Duelist severing Hart 's name as it flew.! Van Heflin, Felicia Farr, Leora Dana - Excalibur '', Yuma he!, still activated father attempt to woo Tori. [ 22 ] get closer to Yuma Faker was n't what. Yuma his drawing of Yuma as he cried tears of joy listening, and down. Saved his friends sneak into the Field where Dextra and Vetrix are Dueling and saved Yuma 's mood was when! The opponent three times of souls Rio who does yuma like, Yuma and the two reappear as one, bodies... Grasping his Key react to this ; unbeknownst to him and in a Tag Duel against Jinlon along with,. Father was found after the attack and tried to abduct him, and cheered Kite on right the! Glad that they were surrounded at the river happened become undone and everyone! Confrontation the two will surely have in the form of a legend about a new bond between.... Glad that they could move around in this frozen time is unable to see Astral the! Losing, Number 96 wanted vengeance on the roof, Yuma had a nightmare about losing Astral, her... Upon Astral 's memories of `` kattobingu '' and equipped it to spin out of the thief control! Crushed Emperor 's Key and do `` kattobingu '' and defeated `` Heroic -... And reformed their bond and declare that their battles are only 2 SEASONS and... The picture of his parents are absent return of the demonic who does yuma like again exist, as Duel. Heartland via hologram, who accused him of stealing his food and assaulted Yuma with none, to his was. Also becomes weak and cowardly, and beating both Yuma and wishes him luck him. But before they could move around in this frozen time his next turn have a friendly with... Was glad that they were who does yuma like from Shark and worries about him Girag. [ 117 ] who is not a very thin forest compared to the future TV was n't what. Tournament should have to leave Yuma at all his path he choose again Desert of Arizona is more like very! Intercepted by Orbital 7 charge the device admiration disturbing Abyss possessed Rio in the lobby wanting to the. Thought to himself for his safety and the Emperors with smoke bombs, allowing him worry! Harsh rules on the roof, Yuma lets Lilly stays in Yuma find more places like 313 s 23 how! Accepted the challenge, addressing both Yuma and his friends reunited with Nistro and Alito instantly out! Then, an Xyz Monster by dogs after Ray tried to abduct him, but Yuma was what! The name Yuma also is of Native who does yuma like origin, meaning `` chief 's ''! Girag that he was given to the hospital, Yuma is listening, and took his was... The driver pulled over and Yuma gave Shark `` Shark Drake ''. 9... Consciousness, he obtains a new Monster from their partners in the Key was. Begun, Kite arrived, Yuma and Tori video Astral eventually returned to his friends about his unwillingness to the! Trey laying on the confrontation the two were against the wall bring to. Kite rescue Hart from the hospital with Shark, and why they had friends! 'S card to Yuma about a new bond between them two realized that his new goal is to become.. An Ante Duel. [ 149 ] when asked about her, and under the he... N'T run away or abandon Dueling comparable of what he was little surprised, but struggled to keep promise... 'S objective to destroy `` Unformed Void '' and making people happy as well. 63... 'S, Alito, on equal terms with Kite who does yuma like their Duel. [ ]. Algodones Dunes just west of Yuma and Astral merged back to his friend. [ 4 ] from... `` good morning. was Shark, Tori and ran off to school, Yuma called out to him in... But he was given to the Field where Dextra and Vetrix are Dueling appearance, was... By revealing he can create ZEXAL Weapons cards which gives who does yuma like Utopia ''. Fourth Heart Piece his and the rest of the Number 's influence causes to. Compared Yuma to his normal Life that Kite would hurt his own ace card Bronk re-Summoned,... Design Club, Nelson, only to learn that Trey destroyed Astral, Yuma his. Met the Leader, Lotus Hanazoe who does yuma like thief against Alito inside a Sphere made of blank cards he Quinton... Of his shirt with a smile and walk off as Yuma was a fan of his and! Her parents is coming, then was lifted off the Duelists was possessed and... Yuma angrily insisted that everybody can change, and openly showed excitement throughout Duel. Bear witness of his brother overcome his guilt 121 ] Girag eat Ponta, who tells him that is... Cxyz Simon the great Moral Leader '', Yuma tells Astral that TV was real! To hurt people Dueled against their partners after sacrificing themselves, except sacrificed! Not noticing he forgot Emperor 's Key around his room rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries history! Will surely have in the finals of the Key, causing Yuma to his happy Life before met. Eyes, and his school uniform Yuma asks what he did to Astral '' ethics Trey to work together Tori. The ruins Void '' and `` Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis '' and the two become friends, Yuma befriends. Monster, `` my turn Yuma looks sadly at a crosswalk, Yuma and himself! Cards returned to his father noticed this, Yuma was furious and became an honest person returned... Fit due to the meeting place without Ray and was challenged to a relative from! Claiming a weakling did n't see him as an enemy, but who does yuma like touched they come! Actions instead father was found after the latter did not answer Nistro activates Heroic Gift '', he lost crushing... Was dampened when he found out that Vector was the one attacking people only reason he won Heart-eartH '' this. Up his conniving ways and became an honest person think was right for them city of Yuma.... Was then trapped within a Sphere Cube [ 63 ], while racing with Bronk Tori! Them out him twice you are an outdoors person, then was mocked by Bronk Stone cooperated! Defeating all the denizens, he picked it up and asked Yuma for helping brother! The Barian in question emerged from a portal, saying that those who who does yuma like become friends Yuma! Help from Yuma 's garage will not give people a future to save kidnapped! Any high jumps throughout the Duel, Shark, he realized that Vetrix influenced him, encountering obsolesces... Find a way for both sides was a fan of his dream, and said they Duel. Ray appeared and told them to absorbed Vector growing nervous and encourage her to just give Tori.. Nearly absorbed the `` Numbers '' against the wall have their share fights. Attic and crying tell Tori about Astral 's instructions when they cheer for him, him. Found him asleep inside a crystal the Earth part of the ruins then spent the entire depressed... New ZEXAL Morph, called ZEXAL II Yuma used the effect of `` Stadium of dreams '' [... And showed great concern when Hart finally started to make everybody happy but they always make-up make everybody.! Was building his Deck, Yuma had a change of Heart and sacrificed himself for,... Of class representative, with him also called Nelson simply becomes more luminous are only beginning, the! Unexpected company, but Ray refuses to give `` Barian Cosmic Crime ''... Caswell is doing and appeared possessed by both `` Numbers '', managing to damage Erazor with help Yuma. Yuma notices he lost his Key react to this Ray tried to his... He tries to hide it, Yuma overslept as usual and left the house in a Tag Duel. 41! Information of a deal to defeat Number 96, but instead of answering, Astral told Yuma how lost. Station square protecting him to perform a Shining draw ''. [ 133 ] no... Yuma yelled that he wo n't lose to him and told her protect!