Design eye catching landing pages on demand

Take full advantage of the array of pre-designed templates and simple editor to design the most effective landing pages for your campaigns and integrate that with your existing ecommerce platform. Our technology allows you to preview the design in multiple layout in real time. All designs are fully RWD (Responsive Web Development) to be 100% mobile ready. Design interactive content to include dynamic forms, all from a simple drag and drop process. The process includes built in capability to create a/b testing for your audience.

Digital outreach via Email

Our open architecture email editor allows you to connect with any 3rd party email provider to develop campaigns very easily and quickly. The system allows testing in real time and scheduled based email blast. With our multivariate testing module, you can test subject lines, content variation, from names, and send time in real-time with specific winning categories, which then allows you to send rest of the segments to the winning category in fully automated process. No need to manually test email campaign’s effectiveness, rather automate the process in real-time with our platform.

Digital display marketing

Enter the world of advanced programmatic digital display advertising with our platform. You can manage and review results all from one online dashboard. You will be able to launch any display advertising and remarketing campaigns using our platform. Take control of your digital media spend and improve ROI using our Insightin Marketing Platform. Gain knowledge from our bid data overlay to refine your target audience for the digital display campaigns.

Create Social Media buzz

Our platform API can be integrated with any social media components to analyze the insight. No need for managing multiple social media feed, instead one consolidated content marketing will allow the marketers to launch and manage social media campaigns in matter of minutes. As the buzz creates the results all engagement data come back to one dashboard for easy review.

Improve results with A/B Testing

No need to guess what works, rather implement a real-time A/B or split testing from our platform. This feature allows individuals, teams, and companies to make insightful decisions regarding the user experience.

Consolidate marketing results via centralized dashboard

Our dashboard reporting tool allows you to monitor all channels into one prospect/lead management tool. Whether the campaign data is generated from our technology, or coming from a 3rd party tool, our implementation team can customize the data visualization to make your marketing campaign into one consolidated tracking dashboard

Impactful lead management via lead scoring and engagement tracking

Our centralized data management system and proprietary lead scoring processcreates a meaningful engagement tracking from any campaign. This process delivers a meaningful path for the best prospect management process. Don’t just send and hope, instead learn from the campaign trend and improve your results.

Predictive modeling~ the new way of marketing

As a Microsoft Partner, Insightin team has advanced access to all of Microsoft Azure Data Lake and Cortana Analytics Suite features. These capabilities allow our team to integrate advance Machine Learning capabilities into our clients marketing campaign to provide advance analytics and predictive modeling.

To learn more about predictive modeling contact us today ! Learn More

PCI compliant payment process

With our payment process system, you can add payment options with a simple drag and drop button to any of your landing pages. No need to worry about setting up a merchant account and integration, our one-click approach gives you the capability of collecting payments for your events in real-time.

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