Hope yours went well and thank you so much again!! © Copyright 2001-document.write(Utility.CurrentYear()); National University of Singapore. 2. to the award of the following Biography Dr ONG Ghim Ping Raymond is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). For more info on GP tuition by the writer, a First Class Honours grad from NUS, please call 98392152. First Class Honours (1st, 1 or I) – typically 70% or higher; Second Class Honours; Upper division (2:1, 2i or II-1) – typically 60–69%; Lower division (2:2, 2ii or II-2) – typically 50–59%; Third Class Honours (3rd, 3 or III) – typically 40–49%; Students who do not achieve honours may be awarded an ordinary degree, sometimes known as a 'pass'. (KI); or a minimum SAT Critical Reading / I came into NUS with great expectations hoping to achieve a FCH at the end of it all. 6. Honours Modules (5 modules worth 20 MCs) ... modules provide consistent pre-requisite knowledge preparation to facilitate more effective learning of core modules in class as a cohort once semester begins. globalization. Good luck! At least B+ grade for English modules EL5101 AND EL6103 or a Also, don't settle for subpar group work. Rather than forcing them to do their fair share. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Group B module (4 MCs) EG3301R (12 MCs) EG4301 or EG4301A (12 MCs) Group A module (4 MCs) Innovation & Enterprise electives (12 MCs) UEM UEM UEM UEM. P.S. The faculty was initially established as a Department of Law in the then University of Malaya in 1956, with its first batch of students matriculating the following year. I agree with you, 1 of my biggest regret is my over-focus on grades. of law that will allow students to maximize First Class Honours Students. Under the new policy, students shall receive First Class Honours if: their cumulative weighted numerical average for all subjects taken at NUS is 70.00 marks or above (‘A-’ grade equivalent); or if they finish in the top 10% of their class based on the cumulative weighted numerical average for all subjects taken at NUS. Prior to Academic Year 2015/2016, only students who graduated in the top 5% of their class and obtained at least 40% As were awarded First Class Honours. Et enfin, il y a les First Class Honours, 1st qui sont, pour le dire autrement, l’excellence. in the third and fourth year from a broad and Hopefully now it's clear now that while it's possible to maintain 1 or 2 semesters, get that dean list, it's super tiring to maintain all the way considering the sacrifices. Belakangan banyak yg tanya soal Honours classification di UK Education System. All Nanyang Technological University undergraduates - … Try not to take too many cores at once (or even if they are all cores, try to incorporate different types of module) and balance them. This comment was left automatically (by a bot). Hello Freshie here! You should first assess whether you’re experiencing imposter syndrome or Dunning-Kruger effect. As someone who spent the last 4 years trying to maintain a high CAP, I think I can say with some confidence that focusing on getting an FCH as the be all and end all in University is probably going to make your life a lot more miserable than it has to be. international students. The Department of Southeast Asian Studies offers an ideal alternative to students who find disciplinary approaches to learning narrow or restrictive, and those who prefer a more subject-oriented curriculum. BA Physics (First Class Honours), Oxford University, England (2012) Assistant Professor. first two years. Two key principles: Pick your battles - you have UEs and "extra" modules to take. SINGAPORE - The National University of Singapore (NUS) Law school is doubling the number of students eligible for First Class Honours degree from … Establish infrastructure to design, fabricate, and measure superconducting quantum circuits; Build modular quantum hardware for scalable quantum computing; Construct testbeds for quantum algorithms using superconducting circuits; Develop … If f2f lecture, can consider voice record prof lecture and relisten after class and help you revise before finals. The candidature period exclude all approved Leave of Absence periods. == Football clubs == F.C. FCH is fancy and all, but think of your reason why you want it. (GP), or written test and attend a formal interview, Singapore Institute of Legal Education For me I try to take 5 CS and math mods (either 3 CS 2 math or 3 math 2 CS) alongside 1 writing/UE mod every sem. interest in a particular field of law. Consistently be the top 5% for all your modules. The Faculty of Law First year grades are not much of an indicator of your future grades so chin up! 14. If there is class participation, be brave (shameless jk) and class part. Tetra Tech NUS is a subsidiary of Tetra Tech, which is one of the world s leading companies that provides consulting, engineering and technical services. It’s very hard to get a 1st class honour due to the bell curve, in NUS, most of the 1st class student end up picking only the easy modules. Design or Nursing as their first two Remember it’s a bell curve system here so what matters is how much better/worse you are than the rest of your peers, rather than your absolute ability (sucks but it iz what it iz). The only exception granted is where If you are interested in the Double